About XScream Escapes

XScream Escapes is leading the path for a new generation of escape rooms, our goal has always been to focus on creating escape rooms that are realistic with powerful story lines, exciting and challenging puzzles and giving our guests a truly immersive experience when they visit any of our attractions. All our puzzles are precisely thought out and scrupulously planned to make them challenging but also achievable.

Our rooms are designed uniquely to test your knowledge and skill in different puzzle platform scenarios whilst delving into thrilling and exhilarating story lines giving an amazingly surreal and atmospheric feel which ultimately creates a heart racing, brilliantly fun escape room experience!

Are you ready to let your minds run against the clock to unlock the mysteries of the characters in the attractions, and ultimately gain your freedom!

Our attractions are for a universal audience, with a minimum age of 12 to enjoy the full experience of the rooms. It is also recommended that groups of younger people have at least one adult in their group to assist with puzzles and to be responsible for the group. Our rooms also offer great team building exercises.

Win or lose the experience from an xScream Escapes attraction will undoubtedly be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do!

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